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feel like (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel like (doing) somethingfeel like (doing) somethingspokenWANT to want to have something or do something He didn’t feel like going to work. Do you feel like another drink? feel
Examples from the Corpus
feel like (doing) somethingThe careful procession into the Hall had felt like a kind of funeral.But the whole thing feels like a retread.I hang up, feeling like a wind-up toy.They stepped forward, and his muscles stiffened until they felt like bone.I just don't feel like doing anything tonight.You made me feel like I was your family, a part of you.Joe says he feels like Mexican food.She felt like screaming at him, but she was determined not to lose her self-control.He feels like the captain of a sleeping ship, alone at the helm, steering his oblivious crew through dangerous seas.
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