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feel/look like shit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel/look like shitfeel/look like shit spoken not politeILLto feel or look very ill, or to not look as neat and clean as you should shit
Examples from the Corpus
feel/look like shitI woke up with a hangover and felt like shit for the rest of the day.We really do look like shit.I try to think of nice ways to comment on his appearance without saying he looks like shit.Everytime I am about to go to a cup match I imagine myself travelling back home feeling like shit.It's a terrible thing to be told that and then to do what the director says and it feels like shit.And it used to make me feel like shit to hear that.Here goes ... I expected to look like shit but this was ridiculous.The school made you feel like shit.You looked like shit the other night.
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