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feel the need to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel the need to do somethingfeel the need to do somethingKNOW somethingto believe that you need to do something Children who can talk to their parents feel less need to try drugs. feel
Examples from the Corpus
feel the need to do somethingShe had hoped that after so long here nomole would ever feel the need to ask her.Some magazines feel the need to be controversial.Adult players, by contrast, feel the need to equip themselves with the best.They feel the need to inject young and hungry talent into the bank's deliberations at the highest level.She considered tracking them, but didn't feel the need to make any particular point of it.Don't you feel the need to pray?Why he felt the need to record these deaths he could not explain.Nevertheless, I feel the need to unburden myself in print.
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