1 noun
feel‧ing1 S1 W1

anger/sadness/joy etc

[countable] an emotion that you feel, such as anger, sadness, or happiness
feeling of
terrible feelings of guilt
It's a great feeling when a wild animal shows you affection.
It was the last game of the season, and feelings were running high (=people were very angry or excited).

way somebody thinks/feels


[plural] someone's feelings are their thoughts, emotions, and attitudes:
He's considerate of other people's feelings.
Don't worry. It won't hurt my feelings if you change your mind.
Children only slowly develop the ability to put their feelings into words (=describe what they are thinking and feeling).
My parents had mixed feelings (=had both good and bad feelings) about all the changes.


[countable] a belief or opinion about something, especially one that is influenced by your emotions:
My personal feeling is that not enough has been done.
feeling on
She has strong feelings on the issue of abortion.
feeling about
a survey on people's feelings about the candidates
His gut feeling (=opinion based on emotion) was that Burns was probably guilty.

have/get a feeling (that)

to think that something is probably true, or will probably happen
have/get a feeling (that) (that)
Leslie suddenly got the feeling that somebody was watching her.
He had a sneaking feeling (=a slight feeling that something is true, without being sure) that they were laughing at him.
Garry had a sinking feeling (=had a sudden bad feeling that something is true) that he was making a mistake.
have/get a feeling (that) about
I have a good feeling about this. I think it's going to work.

general attitude

[uncountable] a general attitude among a group of people about a subject:
the anti-American feeling in the region
feeling against/in favour of
Johnson underestimated the strength of public feeling against the war.
the depth of feeling against nuclear weapons

heat/cold/pain etc

[countable] something that you feel in your body, such as heat, cold, tiredness etc:
I keep getting this funny feeling (=a strange feeling) in my neck.
feeling of
feelings of dizziness

ability to feel

[uncountable] the ability to feel pain, heat etc in part of your body:
Harry had lost all feeling in his toes.

effect of a place/book etc

[singular] the effect that a place, book, film etc has on people and the way it makes them feel
feeling of
the town's strong feeling of history
It gives a feeling of eating outdoors, without having to worry about being rained on.

I know the feeling

spoken said when you understand how someone feels because you have had the same experience:
'It's so embarrassing when you can't remember someone's name.' 'I know the feeling.'

the feeling is mutual

spoken said when you have the same feeling about someone as they have towards you:
My dad hated my boyfriend, and the feeling was mutual.

bad/ill feeling

anger, lack of trust etc between people, especially after an argument or unfair decision:
The changes have caused a lot of ill feeling among the workforce.

with feeling

in a way that shows you feel very angry, happy etc:
Chang spoke with great feeling about the injustices of the regime.

a feeling for something

a) an ability to do something or understand a subject, which you get from experience:
an orchestra that has always shown a special feeling for Brahms' music
b) a natural ability to do something [= talent]:
He has a natural feeling for mathematical ideas.

emotions not thought

[uncountable] a way of reacting to things using your emotions, instead of thinking about them carefully:
The Romantic writers valued feeling above all else.

➔ no hard feelings

at hard1 (19)

; ➔ hurt somebody's feelings

at hurt1 (4)

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