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fellow workers/students/countrymen etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfellow workers/students/countrymen etcfellow workers/students/countrymen etcWITHpeople that you work with, study with, or who are in the same situation as you fellow
Examples from the Corpus
fellow workers/students/countrymen etcTo help you relate to your fellow students. 2.Host a quiz night for your fellow students.Religion may affect employees' attitudes to their jobs and their relationships with expatriates and fellow countrymen.Stallabrass seems alienated from the labour of his fellow workers.Workshops are an ideal opportunity to meet tutors and exchange ideas with fellow students.As the permanent workplace becomes a shifting work space, daily face-to-face contact with fellow workers is increasingly sporadic.Not all of my fellow students were as pleased with me, though.She and her fellow students were told that their mission was to free the peasants from feudalism.
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