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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeltfelt1 /felt/  XXthe past tense and past participle of feel
Examples from the Corpus
feltI felt at that point if I didn't tell her she was going to find out anyway.He felt his knees becoming weak.They patted her when they felt like it, grasped her hand.I felt other people felt the same way about silly things.In fact, large numbers of voters apparently felt secure enough to stay home on Election Day.She disliked her work but felt that it was impossible to give up such success.We felt that the interaction and integration had exceeded our expectations.The cover shot nicely evokes the bewilderment felt when climbing in Ordesa.
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feltfelt2 noun [uncountable]  TIMa thick soft material made of wool, hair, or fur that has been pressed flat
Examples from the Corpus
feltWallpaper them or cover them with fabric: felt, hessian, sacking, lining fabric or printed cotton.The oven heats the brass molds from which the maroon felt takes its shape.Blisters are a sign that moisture has either got below the felt or that the felt was laid on a damp surface.In the felt and wooden ornaments we find the recurrent motif of the griffin.It has a pretty standard crime-fiction substructure that provides the felt on which the characters shoot their various games of pool.The coffin's interior had apparently been lined with thick felt.
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