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femininefem‧i‧nine /ˈfemɪnɪn/ ●○○ adjective  1 WOMANhaving qualities that are considered to be typical of women, especially by being gentle, delicate, and pretty Dianne loved pretty feminine things.see thesaurus at woman2 relating to being female syn female traditional feminine roles Amelia’s report describes the experience from a feminine point of view.3 SLGa feminine noun, pronoun etc belongs to a class of words that have different inflections from masculine or neuter wordsmasculine
Examples from the Corpus
feminineHairstyles this autumn are long, soft and very feminine.The blossoms also signify the feminine characteristics of softness, mildness and peacefulness.Lindsay wears very feminine clothes - pretty dresses with flowers on and things like that.How can I persuade my tomboy daughter to wear feminine clothes?She is feminine enough to maintain her own identity.We need to articulate the feminine position and explore its possibilities.the rounded feminine shapeLane stressed the importance of feminine values like non-competition.Their goal is to be masculine men and feminine women.
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