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fertilityfer‧til‧i‧ty /fɜːˈtɪləti $ fɜːr-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 TASthe ability of the land or soil to produce good crops2 MBthe ability of a person, animal, or plant to produce babies, young animals, or seeds opp infertility
Examples from the Corpus
fertilityWe also have contraception and fertility technology.Researchers at fertility clinics say that they are already besieged by requests to clone.The relationship between fertility rates and mortality rates has created a population structure which has varied substantially during the period in question.Throughout the nineteenth century fertility in Britain remained high.Utah has the highest fertility rate in the country, and the biggest and youngest households.The 56-year-old Northamptonshire woman received fertility treatment using donor eggs and her husband's sperm.Biology even promised to control world fertility with the Pill.
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