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fervourfer‧vour British English, fervor American English /ˈfɜːvə $ ˈfɜːrvər/ noun [uncountable]  RREMOTIONALvery strong belief or feeling religious fervour revolutionary fervour patriotic fervor
Examples from the Corpus
fervourTo them we should respond with greater fervour.A few businessmen admit privately to admiring his honesty, if not always his fervour.Do you detect a touch of moral fervour rippling its unsightly way across the normally limpid Weltanschauung of Oliver Russell?Whether such brave ideas can thrive in the rough tide of freedom alongside economic want and nationalist fervour remains to be seen.Nowhere else in the world can match the fervour of it.The young magistrate had embraced orthodoxy with the fervour of a recent convert.With the fervour of a convert, she determined to spread her new faith in strongly Protestant Wimbledon.
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