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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfestivefes‧tive /ˈfestɪv/ adjective  1 HAPPYlooking or feeling bright and cheerful in a way that seems suitable for celebrating something The atmosphere was festive and jolly. John was obviously in a festive mood.2 festive occasion3 the festive season/period/holiday4 [only before noun] relating to Christmas festive cheer festive gifts
Examples from the Corpus
festiveThe mood was happy and festive.If he added a bottle of wine, the occasion would be quite festive.It makes the festival compact and accessible and gives the entire city a festive air.Gearing up for the holidays, Matthes and crew are already contemplating the construction of several festive and regionally specific gingerbread houses.Some owned festive carts equipped with handles and huge aluminum wheels.Beautiful huge handmade ceramic pots add to the festive decor.Fondue is an easy and festive dish for a party.But the results of the Christmas consumer test will give new heart to anyone browned off by the festive ripoff syndrome.The most festive show in town.They've been coming here for over 60 years and even a recession won't spoil the festive spirit.festive moodFor the 1991 elections, the polling station in Lalmatia Girls High School had been in a festive mood.Richmond, you might say, is in festive mood, and the whole country can benefit from that.
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