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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfestivityfes‧tiv‧i‧ty /feˈstɪvəti/ noun  1 festivities2 CELEBRATE[uncountable] a happy feeling that exists when people celebrate something There was an air of festivity in the village.
Examples from the Corpus
festivityCarnivals are about excitement and festivity.In April, a four-day break, including Sevillian Easter festivities costs from £667.These happy festivities still occasionally take place.And she may not show up for the swearing-in and other inaugural festivities the following day.Are you prepared for all the festivities?At present, however, the festivities seem light years away, having been eclipsed by a fiscal crisis of mammoth proportions.The Christmas tree has been part of the festivities in Britain since the last century.The festivities on stage are punctuated by periodic announcements of prizes.It would be a remarkable party, and already our apartment was acquiring a quality of exaggerated and unrestrained festivity.
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