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fibreglassfi‧bre‧glass British English, fiberglass American English /ˈfaɪbəɡlɑːs $ -bərɡlæs/ noun [uncountable]  DTa light material made from small glass threads pressed together, used for making sports cars, small boats etc
Examples from the Corpus
fibreglassThe first is that drivers spend most of their working lives, with their heads encased in a fibreglass bucket.Most of the torpedoes were built from fibreglass and cardboard tubing and weighted to fall properly when dropped.If he had had fibreglass Corinthian columns at his disposal, he would have used them.By that time the cinema had closed down, sold to a firm making fibreglass covers for pneumatic drills.New fibreglass wing tips and dorsal fin additions were attached.Like prefabricated pools these are moulded in plastic or fibreglass and are available in both natural and unnatural colours.Water patterns bounce off polished chrome, the fibreglass shell is honed to a waxy sheen of pearl.This time it's over twelve fibreglass figures which have been built in the windows of the Electric cinema in Birmingham.
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