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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiddlyfid‧dly /ˈfɪdli/ adjective British English informal  DIFFICULTdifficult to do, especially because you have to deal with very small objects Fixing the TV was a fiddly job.
Examples from the Corpus
fiddlyCooking such small amounts of food can be fiddly and time consuming so try freezing baby-sized portions in ice cube trays.He managed to fix the television, but it was a time-consuming and fiddly job.Since the introduction of those fiddly little 5p's the position has changed and 1p's now take second place.You see the other shoemakers in Swansea are men and not interested in fiddly little slippers.Buttons are fiddly so look out for ones sewn on to elastic loops.I don't like shrimps -- they're so fiddly to eat.It was awfully fiddly with gloves on.The plastic zips are of reasonably good quality but small, with fiddly zip pulls on the pockets.
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