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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfidelityfi‧del‧i‧ty /fɪˈdeləti/ noun [uncountable] formal  1 SYwhen you are loyal to your husband, girlfriend etc, by not having sex with anyone else syn loyalty opp infidelity the importance of marital fidelity (=in marriage)2 FAITHFULwhen you are loyal to a person, an organization, or something that you believe in syn loyaltyfidelity to his fidelity to the company over 25 years3 A formal how much a film, a piece of written work etc remains unchanged from an earlier piece of work, or the facts that are known syn faithfulnessfidelity to the movie’s fidelity to the original book high fidelity
Examples from the Corpus
fidelityfidelity to religious beliefsWe gain a new sense of loyalty, steadfastness and fidelity that are not our own.Transfer of training from a simulator to a real situation is never complete and does not necessarily increase with degree of fidelity.Kip was beginning to doubt Jessica's fidelity.The sound fidelity of CDs is much better than that of records.First and last he sought only the strictest fidelity to justice, rectitude and truth.marital fidelityJoined trees were objects of good omen; symbols of conjugal happiness and marital fidelity.He has been similarly evasive in answering questions about his marital fidelity and marijuana use.Contemporary interest in quail focuses more on their taste than on their promise of marital fidelity.fidelity toWilson and Nabokov argued over the translation's fidelity to the original text.
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