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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfidgetyfid‧get‧y /ˈfɪdʒəti/ adjective informal  MOVE/CHANGE POSITIONunable to stay still, especially because of being bored or nervous The boys get fidgety if they can’t play outside.
Examples from the Corpus
fidgetyHe was fidgety and in a dream world when being given instruction in a group.And fussy, fidgety babies, the researchers found, show an identifiable brain-wave pattern.She was dressed, and felt rather fidgety, but, at the same time, directionless.He went to the floor, where members were joined by scores of fidgety children and grandchildren.You get fidgety if you've nothing to do.Two fidgety toddlers stood with their mothers.get fidgetyI suppose I must have been getting fidgety.You get fidgety if you've nothing to do.
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