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field of vision/view

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfield of vision/viewfield of vision/viewLOOK ATthe whole area that you are able to see without turning your head field
Examples from the Corpus
field of vision/viewHis head would explode, and his field of vision would contract until he was almost blind.Mrs LaRue smiled and moved away from my field of vision.Without turning my head, I see them as clearly as though in my normal field of vision.It will be appreciated that the precise nature of the degree or defect in acuity or field of vision is highly individual.Some evidence for this point of view is given under validation - sensitivity across the field of view.With astonishment, I saw distinct black specks dancing in the field of view.With increased power, the field of view becomes smaller, and with increased aperture the binoculars become heavier.The serious aerial photographer will be looking for adjustment through vertical and horizontal axes so that the field of view is precise.
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