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fielderfield‧er /ˈfiːldə $ -ər/ (also fieldsman British English) noun [countable]  DSone of the players who tries to catch the ball in a game of cricket or baseball
Examples from the Corpus
fielderThe center fielder ran out, his head up.A year ago, Billy Ashley entered spring training as the Dodgers' starting left fielder.Left fielder Billy Ashley experienced pain in his left hamstring Saturday while running out of the box.Murray refuses to be intimidated by the ring of fielders.He was the sort of fielder who never runs but is always there when the ball lands.They wanted Mark Whiten to be the right fielder, and I got to play.Montgomerie looked the sharpest fielder on a miserable day when tea was delivered to the fielders after one hour's play.Hit second ball made four - the fielders showing the minimum inclination to intercept it.
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