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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfieryfi‧er‧y /ˈfaɪəri $ ˈfaɪri/ ●○○ adjective  1 FIREvery red or orange, and looking like fire a fiery sunset leaves that turn fiery red in autumn2 ANGRYbecoming angry or excited very quickly He has a fiery temper.3 ANGRYshowing or encouraging anger or excitement a fiery speech4 HOT TASTEfiery food or drink tastes very strong, making part of your body feel hot
Examples from the Corpus
fieryNansen is fiery and emotional.She was a pretty fiery, and shall we say, a somewhat lusty character.Peter always makes really fiery chilli con carne.a fiery labor leaderThe target flare had burst behind her, lighting the whole area with its fiery red glow.He has fiery red hair.Those, in concert with fiery remains of the ships and tanks, consumed the airship in a sun-like conflagration.music with a fiery rhythmDiscard all the chilli seeds, unless you want an extremely fiery soup.The excitement seemed to spread all down her, in fiery threads, right down to her fingers and toes.fiery redNow everything was jet-black and fiery red.It was painted a fiery red and had huge windows.Ten of them had landed on the burnt-out branches of the witch trees and were silhouetted against the fiery red death.As the chlorophyll disappears during the autumn, the leaves turn fiery red, garnet or umber.The target flare had burst behind her, lighting the whole area with its fiery red glow.He had fiery red hair and no eyebrows.Leafless by early November, the pencil-thin twigs are a uniform fiery red, rising as high as seven feet.fiery temperDesperate for players, Athletico were willing to take a chance with Proby and his fiery temper.This particular day he had a young fireman called Tom Smith, a big strong lad with a fiery temper.He will have a fiery temper, a bad disciplinary record and a passionate spirit.If you have red hair some employers might associate that with a fiery temper before they even meet you.That passion that you know you share with me, and that fiery temper to match your glorious hair!
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