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fight a losing battle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfight a losing battlefight a losing battleFAILto try to do something that you probably cannot succeed in doing I’m fighting a losing battle on this diet. fight
Examples from the Corpus
fight a losing battleAnd yet despite all this the pounds were creeping up on us and we seemed to be fighting a losing battle.Even with the addition of the Morning Post to the publishing empire in 1924, Die-hard journalism was fighting a losing battle.For most of these people they were fighting a losing battle.Under the present conditions of economic recession, regional policies are fighting a losing battle.Why couldn't she see she was fighting a losing battle?The 84-year-old Oscar-winner has been fighting a losing battle against failing sight for the past year.The windscreen wipers sounded asthmatic, fighting a losing battle against the insistent rain.He tried hard to do this, but he was fighting a losing battle here against the rising tide of papal authority.
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