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fight to the death/finish

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfight to the death/finishfight to the death/finishto fight until one person or group is dead or completely defeated fight
Examples from the Corpus
fight to the death/finishAnd if there's not enough advertising to go round, it could be a fight to the death.It is economic nonsense to suggest that nations are engaged in a mercantilist fight to the death.They say we massacred him, but he would have massacred us had we not defended ourselves and fought to the death.Every couple would live miles apart and fight to the death any intrusion into their home range-which they would never leave.Usually if two gray angels of nearly equal size are placed together a fight to the death ensues.While not explicit, many implied that they would indeed fight to the death for their managing director.If the adventurers pursue the Harpies back to their lair, they will fight to the death to defend it.They simply seem to charge into battle, and would probably to fight to the death unless we separated them.
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