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fight your way (through/past etc somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfight your way (through/past etc somebody/something)fight your way (through/past etc somebody/something)PUSHto move somewhere with difficulty, for example because there are so many people around you We fought our way through the crowd. fight
Examples from the Corpus
fight your way (through/past etc somebody/something)I think also that three other Hearthwares shall come, in case we need to fight our way out of some tight spot.Being fit and healthy is especially important if you have to fight your way out of trouble or run for home.Bar girls were screaming, and trying to fight their way past us.After fighting his way through all this, he would have to face an angry and almost certainly stark-naked Quigley.We will swim through seas of blood, fight our way through lakes of fire, if we are ordered.Dana fights his way through the protocol surrounding the medicine chest, has a recipe drawn up, and delivers his balm.Meanwhile, the master had sprung from his position backstage and was fighting his way toward me.
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