2 noun
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fight2 S2 W3


[countable] a situation in which two people or groups hit, push etc each other:
Sam's always getting into fights at school.
fight with
He got drunk and had a fight with Jim.
fight between
A fight broke out between the two gangs.
fight over/about
fights over territory
pick/start a fight
He was trying to pick a fight.

achieve/prevent something

[singular] the process of trying to achieve something or prevent something
fight for
the fight for justice and democracy
The little girl lost her fight for life (=fight to stay alive) last night.
fight against
the fight against crime
fight to do something
the fight to get financial aid
You'll have a fight on your hands (=it will be difficult) to convince the committee.


[countable] an argument
fight with
They've had a fight with the neighbours.
fight over/about
fights over money


[countable]DS a boxing match:
Are you going to watch the big fight tonight?


[countable] a battle between two armies
fight for
the fight for Bunker Hill


[uncountable] energy or the desire to keep fighting for something you want:
There's plenty of fight left in your grandmother.

put up a good fight

to work very hard to fight or compete in a difficult situation:
Our team put up a good fight.

a fight to the death/finish

a fight that continues until one side is completely defeated

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