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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiguresfigures[plural] British English the activity of adding, multiplying etc numbers syn arithmetic a natural ability with figureshave a head for figures (=be good at arithmetic) figure
Examples from the Corpus
with figuresBoots, with figures tomorrow, added 8p at 490p.They are compared with figures for actual growth over that period, with the forecast error in the third column.If you spend much of your time dealing with figures then a spreadsheet is invaluable.Kapil Dev bowled well to finish with figures of 3-23.When he stood back, he could see that he had created a superb landscape with figures.It is his obsession with figures that leads him to make the crucial economic mistakes that he made.What happened to the days of bank employees being quick with figures?She thought it was from her father that she'd inherited her logical mind and a way with figures.
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