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figurinefig‧u‧rine /ˌfɪɡjəˈriːn, ˈfiɡjəriːn $ ˌfɪɡjəˈriːn/ noun [countable]  figurine.jpg ADa small model of a person or animal used as a decoration
Examples from the Corpus
figurineAmong the items scientists have unearthed are four-inch clay figurines depicting men wearing hip and shoulder pads.In 1904, a church was erected around the fragile figurine.As was the case at Qawrighul, wooden human figurines were also found.Alarmed, she had hurried to it, to notice immediately that a small jade figurine was missing.Carvings of figurines continue to be found, and also monumental statues.This head once formed part of a small figurine carved from mammoth ivory.The figurines come from a number of important sites around the island, some excavated in the 1960s by Professor Christos Doumas.Remember that these figurines were often painted with red ochre.
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