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filenamefile‧name /ˈfaɪlneɪm/ noun [countable]  the name you give to a particular computer file
Examples from the Corpus
filenameFirstly - presuming you have a batch file to run Ability Plus - type in the batch filename.If no output filename is specified, any errors detected will still be written to the scrolled area.You should work out what your needs are and compile a list of suitable filename extensions.Enter Y to create or Esc to cancel appears, the filename has not been used.Check that you have typed exactly the filename you wanted.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfilenamefile‧name /ˈfaɪlneɪm/ noun [countable]COMPUTING the name that you give to a computer FILE and which you use when you want to open it, remove it, put it on disk etcEnter the filename, or press F1 for a list of available filenames.
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