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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiletfil‧et /ˈfɪlɪt $ ˈfɪlət, -leɪ, fɪˈleɪ/ noun, verb  DFDan American spelling of fillet
Examples from the Corpus
filetSpecialities include black bean soup, seafood crepes, chicken enchilada and filet mignon.Entrees and daily specials run from $ 7. 50 for a vegetarian fettuccine to $ 15 for the grilled filet mignon.Some discernment she had, however, for had she not made most complimentary remarks about his filets de sole Murat?Finally, we settle on a pepper filet from the standard menu, and a horseradish-crusted halibut.Escargot in puff pastry, Maine lobster soup and a 10-ounce prime filet mignon are among the swanky choices.He cooked the filets and brought them outside.Even the filet, a cut more celebrated for its tender texture than its rich flavor, is full of beefy flavor.
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