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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiligreefil‧i‧gree /ˈfɪləɡriː/ noun [uncountable]  DECORATEdelicate designs or decorations made of gold or silver wire silver filigree jewellery
Examples from the Corpus
filigreeAhead of me was a chancel screen, a filigree of Gothic tracery.The delicate gold filigree, the massive red gems.She had the diamond, which is surrounded by small white diamonds in a yellow-gold filigree setting, made into a stickpin.There were grinning gnomes worked into the iron filigree, running downwards helter-skelter.Bold blue cones surmount an extravagant collar of prickly blue bracts with filigree appendages.It can be engraved, embossed, covered with filigree wire, enamelled, patinated and plated.The melody was free of clutter, without filigree, stripped to its barest line.
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