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fill the bill

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfill the billfill the billAmerican EnglishSUITABLE to have exactly the right qualities syn fit the bill British English We needed an experienced reporter and Willis fills the bill. fill
Examples from the Corpus
fill the billFor many of these postindustrial wanderers, the primal quality of pentecostal worship seemed to fill the bill.Had she been a man, his dear friend Aspasia could have filled the bill.Luckily, Colossal still fills the bill.It is the one construction which will fill the bill exactly.And certainly, Peter Weiss' Marat-Sade fills the bill for audience and company alike.It just happened that Bobby filled the bill in this case.Another thing was that most of the Republicans who might have filled the bill lived in the suburbs.In lieu of real out-of-town travel, Kingfisher fills the bill nicely.
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