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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfilthyfilth‧y1 /ˈfɪlθi/ ●●○ S3 adjective (comparative filthier, superlative filthiest)  1 very dirty The house was filthy, with clothes and newspapers strewn everywhere.see thesaurus at dirty2 RUDE/OBSCENEshowing or describing sexual acts in a very rude or offensive wayfilthy language/story/joke etc Your problem is you’ve got a filthy mind (=you are always thinking about sex).3 showing anger or annoyancefilthy mood/temper Simon had been drinking and was in a filthy temper. She gave him a filthy look.4 filthy weather/night/day
Examples from the Corpus
filthyThe bathroom was absolutely filthy.The inside of the oven was filthy.We didn't go swimming because the water looked filthy.You ought to wash that sweatshirt - it's absolutely filthy.Get your filthy feet off the couch!And Mel Gibson does pass muster as a filthy freedom fighter with a talent for decapitation.A man from Pernex stopped to tell a richly filthy joke.She looked at the filthy kitchen.I was horrified by the filthy language the kids were using.The magazine printed filthy pictures that shocked everyone.filthy sheetsThe accommodation was crowded and to Miss Logan's mind far filthier than anything she had previously encountered.There was light in here too, filtering through the filthy windows.I must say Oliver ordered some pretty filthy wines those times I went out with him.It was filthy with the scrape of asphalt and tire marks.filthy mindWhat filthy minds the police have.filthy lookAll I caught was a greenfly and another filthy look.She gives him a filthy look.
filthyfilthy2 adverb informal  1 filthy dirty2 filthy rich
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