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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinalfi‧nal1 /ˈfaɪnəl/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL adjective  1 [only before noun]LAST last in a series of actions, events, parts of a story etc The final episode will be shown tonight. students preparing for their final examinations Stone is filming the final instalment of his Vietnam trilogy. the final stages in their relationship They scored in the final minutes of the game. The final whistle (=blown at the end of a game) was only seconds away when Redknapp equalised.final demand British English (=the last bill you receive for money you owe before court action is taken against you)see thesaurus at last2 [only before noun]END being the result at the end of a process the quality of the final product Does anyone know the final score?final result/outcome I do not know what the final outcome will be.3 CHANGE YOUR MINDif a decision, offer, answer etc is final, it cannot or will not be changed The judge’s decision is final.final decision/say/approval etc We can advise the client, but in the end it is he who has the final say. Is that your final answer?and that’s final! (=used to say forcefully that you will not change your decision) She’s not coming with us, and that’s final!4 [only before noun]END happening at or near the end of an event or process syn last In the final years of his life, Hervey achieved high office in the church.5 used to emphasize that the last thing in a series of events is very severe or damaging syn ultimatefinal indignity/humiliation The vote of no confidence was the final humiliation for a government that had been clinging to office. in the final analysis at analysis(4)
Examples from the Corpus
finalThe judges' decision is final.You're not going out, and that's final!It occurs when teaching programmes do not relate to the final assessment of learning.The officials have final authority when making decisions.The final cacheing solution is hardware based, and relies on cacheing controllers.They thought carefully before making a final commitment to buy.The Board is expected to make its final decision on the merger by August 12th.Paul just started writing the final draft of his novel.Are you going to watch the final episode of 'The X-Files' tomorrow night?He was no hero: his final exit was ignominious.Mulligan will coach his final game on Saturday.A victory over Fresno State in the final game Saturday would produce a record run of wins.He got as far as the final interviews, but he didn't get the job unfortunately.Start packing, big clean up, final meal together and prize-giving.Whitney made both free throws in the final minute of the game.I'd like to make one final point before we move on to another subject.The two men were tied for the lead going into today's final round of the Dunlop Phoenix golf tournament.My boss has approved the project, but it's the Chief Executive who has the final say.What was the final score?The drug is now in its final stage of testing.The war reached its final stages in July.The president appears tired but hopeful as the final stages of the negotiations begin today.Adding insult to injury, a double cross awaits our luckless hero in the final stanza.She said that she had been lucky to sneak in the few arguments from our side that appeared in the final story.At 11: 30, after a final struggle, he died.The Sainsbury's Wine Taste Challenge prize will be awarded to the one who gives best answers at the final tasting.final demandWith rising intermediate and final demands nearing capacity, factory owners place large orders for new equipment to increase capacity.final result/outcomeIt never did much good and even now with all our antibiotics we can not greatly influence the final outcome.It was said that Gertrude gave him the final result.One rationale emphasises the connection between procedural due process and the substantive justice of the final outcome.The most obvious example is the electoral college, the phantom body that stands between voters and the final outcome.The final result is a permanently damaged knee joint.But the final results placed him second and suggested that the Buchanan insurgency was ebbing.The final result was the 1973 passage of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment.The final results will be announced at a special lunch in London, on March 23.final answerCould you find out without having to live your life, to come to the final answer?Employee considerations do influence the final answer.Nothing can be accepted as permanent because everything known is partial, an awareness of relation rather than a final answer.We do not have any final answers.No final answers have yet appeared.For women if this final answer is between 19.1 and 20.6 this indicates correct weight for a small frame.A final answer is provided by the courts.With a large frame the final answer should be between 21.4 and 24.6 to indicate correct weight.final indignity/humiliationFor Annie, this was the final indignity.She remembered half way down the rickety ladder stairs, but for would have been a final indignity.And now comes the final indignity - excommunication from Cluedo.The vote of no confidence was a final humiliation for a government that had been clinging to office.Only a few go through the final humiliation of meeting the bailiff at the door and watching him change the locks.The final indignities suffered by our old church has been in the last few years.
finalfinal2 ●●○ AWL noun [countable]  1 LASTthe last and most important game, race, or set of games in a competitionbe through to/reach the final He’s through to the men’s tennis final for the first time.the finals (=the last few games or races in a competition) the NBA finals2 finals3 American EnglishEXAM/TEST an important test that you take at the end of a particular class in high school or collegesee thesaurus at test
Examples from the Corpus
finalThe fourth, fifth, sixth, quarter-final, semi-final and final have, as yet, eluded us.I really shouldn't go out - my biology final is tomorrow.In the subsequent years they have appeared in losing finals against Tyrone 1984, Derry 1987 and Donegal 1990.the NBA finalsThree groups from the school are taking part in the finals at the Royal Festival Hall, London.The top 18 advance to the semifinal, while 12 move on to the final.the finalsBefore the finals the veterans came out to entertain the crowd.Sue qualified for the finals in the 100-meter backstroke but finished sixth.Relatively speaking, Maxwell has been on his best behavior in the Finals -- if not on his best game.The Braves were 15-3 in the conference and lost to Tulsa last week in the finals of the conference tournament.Albion also reached the finals of the Monkwearmouth Cup before losing 2-0 to Eppleton, the first division champions.They then won two in Boston, two more in Chicago and got to the Finals.Even though we got to the Finals last year, people forget that this is still a very young team.They will have to sit out remaining match suspensions when the finals begin on June 8.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfinalfi‧nal /ˈfaɪnəl/ adjective1[only before a noun] the last in a series of things, actions, or eventsAn official announcement was expected following a final meeting at the tyre manufacturer’s Milan headquarters.The US-based company is still arguing with several contractors over thefinal bill.foreign currency receipts from the final instalment of the sale of British Steel sharesfinally adverbHe has finally decided to settle down after six months as a freelance trouble-shooter.2a decision, offer, agreement etc that is final cannot be changedMembers must vote in favor again next year for thedecision to becomefinal.District Court judge Thomas Jackson issued a final ruling, calling for the company to be split into two parts.3[only before a noun] a final piece of writing or set of figures has been prepared in several stages, and is now considered to be correctThe changes agreed at our meeting of 25 March have been incorporated in the final draft.The provisional estimate of retail sales volume for October was 119.0; thefinal estimate is closer to 116.9.4final and bindingLAW a legal judgement or decision which is final and binding has to be obeyed because it has been decided in a court of lawSome contracts refer technical disputes to an expert whose decision isfinal and binding.
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