fi‧nal‧ly S2 W1
1 after a long time [= eventually]:
After several delays we finally took off at six o'clock.
Finally, Karpov cracked under the pressure.
see usage note lastly
2 [sentence adverb] used to introduce the last in a series of things [= lastly; ↪ firstly]:
And finally, I'd like to thank the crew.
3 used when talking about the last in a series of actions:
She drove off at great speed, hit several parked cars, and finally crashed into a lamp-post.
4 in a way that does not allow changes:
The matter was not finally settled until 1475.

lastly, finally, eventually, in the end, at last
!! Do not use lastly to say what happened at the end of a period of time or after several other things happened. Use one of the following expressions:Use finally or eventually to say that something happens after a long time Finally we managed to get the car to start. When she eventually turned up, the food was cold.Use eventually or in the end to say what the result or outcome of something was They eventually got bored and went home. In the end we decided to cancel the trip.Use at last to say that something happens after a long period of waiting or trying, when you are glad about this It's good to be home at last. At last, the pizza's here!Use lastly or finally to introduce the last point you want to make, the last action in a series of actions, or the last item in a list Lastly, I would like to remind you that smoking is not allowed. Load the paper, select the number of copies, and lastly press 'Print'. You add flour, salt, and finally milk.See also lastly

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