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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinallyfi‧nal‧ly /ˈfaɪnəl-i/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL adverb  1 EVENTUALLYafter a long time syn eventually After several delays we finally took off at six o'clock. Finally, Karpov cracked under the pressure.2 LAST[sentence adverb] used to introduce the last in a series of things syn lastly, → firstly opp firstly And finally, I’d like to thank the crew.3 used when talking about the last in a series of actions She drove off at great speed, hit several parked cars, and finally crashed into a lamp-post.4 FINISH/COME TO AN ENDin a way that does not allow changes The matter was not finally settled until 1475.THESAURUSfinally/eventually/in the end after a long time, especially when there have been difficulties or delays. In the end is used especially in spoken EnglishAfter a lot of questioning, James finally admitted he had taken the car.The plane eventually arrived at 6:30 – over three hours late.In the end, I decided that the best thing to do was to ask Billy for help.at last used when something good happens after you have waited for it for a long timeI’m really glad that Ken’s found a job at last.At long last (=after a very long time)he was able to see his family again.after much ado often humorous after a long time and when there have been a lot of worries, problems, or delaysAfter much ado, we moved into our new house last week.
Examples from the Corpus
finallyAnd finally, don't miss Albuquerque's amazing punk band, playing tonight at the Lunar Club.He finally drew the cigar into red heat and discarded the final match.We finally found a decent apartment close to campus.I was put on hold for about ten minutes before I finally got to speak to my dad.But you finally have a chance.Finally, I'd like to thank all those people who helped make the conference such a success.And finally, I'd like to thank the cast and crew for all their hard work.The Senate ethics committee has not yet acted finally in the Cranston case.It seems to have finally resolved itself into an increased interest in practical deterrence and street-level prevention programmes.From there he moved on to Edinburgh, and finally shut himself away in his much embellished palace of Falkland to die.Then it started on Cumbrian limestone, blossomed to Lakeland quarries and so, finally, to Raven Crag.
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