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find fault with somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfind fault with somebody/somethingfind fault with somebody/somethingCRITICIZEto criticize someone or something, often unfairly and frequently He could always find fault with something, either in my writing or in my personality. find
Examples from the Corpus
find fault with somebody/somethingIt is easy to find fault with any programme for converting a planned economy back into a market one.The sergeant seemed to find fault with everything Maddox did.She always had to find fault with everything; she wouldn't have been our Mum else.Alas, the critics were liable to miss the point or deliberately find fault with it.It is not easy to find fault with Jimmy Connors' version of the backhand, is it?In fact, the report seemed to find fault with Pollack for not having reported possible exposure to the virus.He would not find fault with the falsehood.But after the spectacle in Baghdad, it's harder to find fault with those who worry that they eventually might.Only one investor found the nerve to find fault with what the vast majority considered to be an excellent performance in 1991.
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