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find favour (with somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfind favour (with somebody/something)find favour (with somebody/something)formalAPPROVE to be liked or approved of by someone The recipes rapidly found favour with restaurant owners. find
Examples from the Corpus
find favour (with somebody/something)The argument which has found favour in certain of the authorities runs as follows.Mosley resigned in May 1930, when these schemes did not find favour in government circles.Porta caval shunt operations have not found favour in recent years because of the increased incidence of postoperative hepatic encephalopathy.In this example it is difficult to know which of these arguments would find favour with a court.Perhaps predictably, the proposals have not found favour with Gloucestershire County Council.Official materials and guidelines do not always find favour with parents and governors.Of course anything as scientific as a mechanical test has not always found favour with traditional craftsmen or indeed with business men.Kureishi is pleased by the comparison, as he says Seth's haughty looks find favour with women.
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