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find your voice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfind your voicefind your voiceSPEAK A LANGUAGE a) (also find your tongue) to manage to say something after being too nervous to talk b) if a writer, musician etc finds their voice, they are able to express their views, ideas, art etc in the way they want to a young film-maker who has finally found his voice find
Examples from the Corpus
find your voiceFor a moment she couldn't find her voice.In the persistent silence only Dada found his voice.But as soon as we had found our voice again, we were once more interrupted by visits from Berlin.My granda found his voice among the living.But though he first reacted by withdrawing, ultimately Scott found his voice and became a conservative leader on the Columbia campus.As he found his voice, I too found mine.As a composer Gurney found his voice in 1913/14 with the composition of Five Elizabethan Songs.
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