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find your way (somewhere)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfind your way (somewhere)find your way (somewhere)FINDto reach a place by discovering the right way to get there Will you be able to find your way back? find
Examples from the Corpus
find your way (somewhere)Alternatively dirt and silt could find their way back into the pond.As the sulphur finds its way into his lungs, he will become dizzy and nauseated.The company said it would have been impossible to keep the new soybeans from finding their way into human food.I go back, and this time I find my way into nondescript offices below ground where priests are transcribing notes.In due course, these accounts found their way into print.Corporate sponsorship ensures that far more money finds its way into sport than would otherwise be the case.The ball should have been cleared long before it found its way on to Robert Lee's left boot.You must learn to find your way through the menu maze before you can use the program efficiently.
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