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finely/highly tuned

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinely/highly tunedfinely/highly tunedJUDGEfinely tuned feelings, senses, or systems are extremely sensitive and able to react quicklybe tuned to something a species finely tuned to life in the desert tune
Examples from the Corpus
finely/highly tunedTrue each of them has been finely tuned.It is a finely tuned art that depends on the perceptive skills and sound judgment of the consultant.Or had it been between them, or only in her own highly tuned emotions?And it is our experience that successful entrepreneurs quickly develop a finely tuned instinct for investing their time in high-profit opportunities.He was a highly tuned machine for using people.Dana had been too determined to avoid her, and Claudia's finely tuned senses told her Dana was uneasy.Secondly, in some species the choice is remarkably finely tuned so that under certain circumstances familiarity may be preferred over novelty.He was a highly sensitized instrument, a finely tuned social and academic barometer.
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