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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfingerboardfin‧ger‧board /ˈfɪŋɡəˌbɔːd $ -ɡərˌbɔːrd/ noun [countable]  the long part of a stringed instrument which the player presses the strings onto
Examples from the Corpus
fingerboardThe glued-on neck is made from three pieces of maple and capped with a fingerboard of tight-grained ebony.The neck is maple, with a slab rosewood fingerboard which has sprouted twenty-one nicely seated, thin frets.I put this down to the use of rosewood for the fingerboard and the addition of some extra internal bracing.Rosewood has been used for the fingerboard and bridge, and the machineheads are once again Grovers.As before, the neck is oil-finished maple, but this time the fingerboard is rosewood.The fingerboard is high-quality ebony, with no position markers save for some little pearl side-dots.The fingerboard is rosewood with the somewhat imposing lightning bolt inlays which share the blue livery chosen for this particular model.The fingerboard is rosewood, with 22 chunky-ish frets and triangular, plastic position markers.
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