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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinishedfin‧ished /ˈfɪnɪʃt/ adjective  1 [not before noun] no longer doing, dealing with, or using something syn done I’m almost finished.finished with Are you finished with my tools yet?2 [only before noun]FINISH DOING something fully and properly made or completed It took a long time to do, but the finished product was worth it.finished article British English The painting began to look like the finished article.3 [not before noun]CAN'T no longer successful, effective, or able to continue If the bank refuses to increase our loan, we’re finished!THESAURUSfinished if something is finished, you have done all of itShe showed him the finished drawing.I was very pleased with the finished result.done [not before noun] finished – used especially in everyday English instead of finishedI can’t come out till my essay’s done.They promised the work would be done by April.complete [not before noun] completely finished – used especially to emphasize that there is no more work to doSix months later the job was complete.The first stage of the project is now complete.over finished – used about an event, activity, or period of timeFootball practice is over at 4:30. Can you pick me up then?The summer was nearly over.be through informal to have finished doing something or using somethingI probably won’t be through till about 6 o'clock.Are you through with those scissors?
Examples from the Corpus
finishedA young couple moved into the house three weeks after it was finished.If the bank refuses to give us the loan, we're finished!All the packing was finished and we were ready to leave.The finished book was more of a personal diary than an autobiography.The Cord Maker comes complete with an explanatory instruction leaflet, containing suggestions for using the finished braids and cords.In the spring of 1970, eight finished films were banned and 12 that were being shot were stopped.Both are instant daylight process, via a motorised or manual processor, which provides you with the finished image on site.Glass cleaners are essential for cleaning the glass of finished pictures, so choose whichever brand you prefer.Looking at the finished product, you wouldn't know it was made from paper.The tops should be level with the finished surface.finished withAre you finished with my tools yet?finished articleIt's early days yet, but we're really looking forward to seeing the finished article.Neither could these illustrations just be rough approximations of the finished articles.A whole manuscript, a finished article, a short book, that Tabarant wrote just on Victorine Meurent?This method of segmenting, however, can produce a finished article using the cheapest of materials.