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firecrackerfire‧crack‧er /ˈfaɪəˌkrækə $ ˈfaɪrˌkrækər/ noun [countable]  DHTa small firework that explodes loudly
Examples from the Corpus
firecrackerThe urgency of coming out was building and I felt like a firecracker about to go off.The Trunchbull let out a yell and leapt off her chair as though a firecracker had gone off underneath her.The initial story that the school forced its pupils to assemble firecrackers spread rapidly.More like a little popping sound, a two-inch firecracker maybe.That night, it was like firecrackers going off at New Year's; the next morning the blood flowed like rivers.A mere firecracker would send the whole medina up in flames!As if they were fourteen-year-olds setting off firecrackers too late at night.We exploded all the firecrackers we could find.
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