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fireguardfire‧guard /ˈfaɪəɡɑːd $ ˈfaɪrɡɑːrd/ noun [countable] British English  DHFa large wire or metal screen that is put in front of a fireplace to protect people syn firescreen American English
Examples from the Corpus
fireguardHeating is another danger area but, likewise, you can take preventative steps: Open fires should always have a fireguard.Heater Hazards Always place a fireguard in front of an unattended open fire, especially if there are young children in the family.Once they can sit up, babies love to bash saucepans, plastic boxes, biscuit tins, cupboards and fireguards.Mobile Mums group is aimed at mums and mobile babies in need of fireguards, etc. and more active toys.By the fireside Are all fires fitted with secure fireguards?Then the joys of Vinolia soap and towels hung to warm on the fireguard and flames dancing on her nakedness.
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