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firesidefire‧side /ˈfaɪəsaɪd $ ˈfaɪr-/ noun [countable usually singular]  DHHthe area close to or around a small fire, especially in a home a cat dozing by the fireside
Examples from the Corpus
firesideIt is the Leadville that found its way to her fireside.In this imaginary fireside setting, he would not talk much, he thought.Rich, fireside colours add warmth to the room and, of course, they are supremely practical.But we were nearly concluded, and the fireside beckons.A cat dozed in the chair by the fireside.These themes are symbolised by the fireside and the kitchen.Why couldn't Joe let her sit in the fireside armchair in the living-room so that she'd at least have company?I handed Narendra his gudio and hobbled through the house out to the fireside.Such a creature took at once a large step toward the fireside.
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