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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfirestormfire‧storm /ˈfaɪəstɔːm $ ˈfaɪrstɔːrm/ noun [countable]  1 WARa very large fire that is kept burning by the high winds that it causes2 a lot of protests, complaints, or arguments that happen suddenly and all at once syn stormfirestorm of Green’s proposal provoked a firestorm of protests.
Examples from the Corpus
firestormSo a major hobby publication like Sports Cards can devote a page to reprint cards without fear of starting a firestorm.Widespread fires generate their own wind, which fan the flames into devastating firestorms.Its rocks are filled with ancient charcoal, the remnant of a forgotten firestorm.Public disclosure of the conference call has sparked a political firestorm.The fires combined into a raging firestorm, driving the survivors toward the seawall, where they were struck by the waves.Protected by his enchanted armour Aenarion stood unscathed at the centre of the firestorm.These firestorms would burn unhindered to the point of exhaustion of the fuel.firestorm ofThe court's ruling created a firestorm of criticism.
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