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firewoodfire‧wood /ˈfaɪəwʊd $ ˈfaɪr-/ noun [uncountable]  TPDwood that has been cut or collected in order to be burned in a fire
Examples from the Corpus
firewoodChopping wood, sawing logs, binding firewood.A pile of freshly chopped firewood stood next to the cabin door.He served on the school board for ten years and donated firewood.Then it was time to gather firewood, fetch water and cook.There were runs on bread, milk, firewood, rock salt and snow shovels.Families in the hills not only consume 25 percent more energy than those on the plains, they also consume more firewood.Cutting and splitting fifty cords of firewood.But in reality, none of these programmes is helping to increase the production of firewood.He was taking firewood and a large cauldron into the smithy that adjoined the cottage.
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