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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfireworkfire‧work /ˈfaɪəwɜːk $ ˈfaɪrwɜːrk/ ●●○ noun [countable usually plural]  1 DHTa small container filled with powder that burns or explodes to produce coloured lights and noise in the sky a New Year’s Eve fireworks display Jeff and David were in the back yard setting off fireworks.2 spokenANGRY used to say that someone will be angry There’ll be fireworks if I get home late again.3 something that is exciting or impressive The real fireworks are provided by Shakespeare’s poetry.
Examples from the Corpus
fireworkVisual effects feature largely in this community arts venture, and have included helium balloons and fireworks.Prayer, songs and fireworks all helped the faithful celebrate her feast day.When the firing broke out, it was like some utterly excessive fireworks display.One of the targets, a munitions depot, went up in a spectacular display of fireworks.At midnight the church bells are sounded all over the city and the sky is full of all varieties of fireworks.The fireworks are products within the rule.fireworks displayThere was so much noise around them, children screaming with excitement as a fireworks display exploded across the bay.In an instant the whole aircraft was outlined in fire like a set-piece at a fireworks display.Those who saw the explosion said it resembled a fireworks display, with long streams of smoke and tiny pink fireballs.They just stood watching a fireworks display across the bridge at the Expo.When the firing broke out, it was like some utterly excessive fireworks display.Saturday night, I guarantee you, the greatest fireworks display ever held in the City of Washington.But all meter-sized impactors put on spectacular fireworks displays.The fireworks display that heralded the opening of Antwerp 93 went off like a damp squib.
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