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first aid

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfirst aidˌfirst ˈaid ●●○ noun [uncountable]  MHsimple medical treatment that is given as soon as possible to someone who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill Being given first aid at the scene of the accident probably saved his life.
Examples from the Corpus
first aidMike Chittenden staggered in flames into a neighbouring office, where terrified workers doused the flames and administered first aid.Bandaging Having administered first aid immediately, the next priority is to minimise further damage.A seven-year-old brought her twin to Liz for first aid.Peter Hardcastle of Ridgehill, Dartmouth, was taken to hospital after passing motorists gave him first aid.In the end I got them to give me the first aid outfit and fixed myself up.It was an alarming experience for the very first aid workers to reach them.During the two weeks of glorious sunshine, we all did our annual weapons, first aid and fitness tests.given first aidThe victims were all given first aid at the scene of the accident.
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