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first and foremost

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfirst and foremostfirst and foremostused to emphasize the most important quality, purpose, reason etc Dublin is thought of first and foremost for its literary heritage. first
Examples from the Corpus
first and foremostHowever my worry is not first and foremost a medical one but a spiritual one.And Mr Hemsley is first and foremost a producer-not a commodity trader.It is a film first and foremost about loss.Mayor Agnos is a conservative Christian, but he considers himself first and foremost an American.My other travelling companion, John Lawrence, would describe himself first and foremost as a writer.It has been established that such items as these were employed first and foremost as musical instalments.This meant, first and foremost, following Bacon in the making of natural histories.What children need first and foremost from their parents is a sense of security.Friends say that this was the demand she put first and foremost on the list of what she wanted to achieve.First and foremost, they are looking for ways to save money.I really think that first and foremost this one's down to the board.
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