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first-hand experience/knowledge/account etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfirst-hand experience/knowledge/account etcfirst-hand experience/knowledge/account etcPERSONALLY/YOURSELFexperience etc that has been learned or gained by doing something yourself or by talking to someone yourselfsecond-hand journalists with first-hand experience of working in war zones first-hand
Examples from the Corpus
first-hand experience/knowledge/account etcAt one time, physical presence was a prerequisite for first-hand experience.International research tends to involve analyzing international data, rather than acquiring first-hand knowledge about international operations in other countries.And now I know from first-hand experience it's the wrong approach.This understanding needs to be informed, up-to-date and backed by first-hand experience, not based on hearsay or second-hand impressions.Besides, the people of Waterloo had first-hand knowledge of the advantages of public ownership.It reflects, often, a first-hand experience of the events it describes.Millions of people across the world have first-hand experience of what it can do.Their testimony on it represents crucial, first-hand experience of which those planning for the hospital-based sector must take significant account.
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