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first personˌfirst ˈperson noun  1 the first person2 AL[singular] a way of telling a story in which the writer or speaker tells it as though they were involved in the storythird person a first person narrativein the first person 'The Great Gatsby' is written in the first person.
Examples from the Corpus
first personThe device Blake chose -- a first person narrative -- is exceedingly difficult when using an historical figure.Linda Chavez-Thompson, a union leader born of sharecropper parents, became the first person of color elected to the executive office.The cantata ends with Dido still speaking in the first person.These writings influenced him just at the time when he met the first person he ever knew who had experienced rebirth.The enchanted house builder was not the first person to notice this pinhole effect.The first person Branson telephoned on Monday morning was Randolph Fields.The first person to find the thimble hides it the next time.The first person who came to see me wasn't Doone after all but Tremayne.in the first personTheir inspired utterances, which were cast in the first person as direct statements by the Paraclete, were collected.The cantata ends with Dido still speaking in the first person.She wanted something more personal and immediate, so she began writing in the first person, as Earhart.Ulrich's novel is written in the first person.Gone were the carefree, witty passages written in the first person, the conversational style, the caustic bitter comments.
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