3 noun

at first

used to talk about the beginning of a situation, especially when it is different now:
At first, Gregory was shy and hardly spoke.
I felt quite disappointed at first.
2 [countable usually singular] something that has never happened or been done before
first for
The 3-0 defeat was a first for the team.
These results are firsts in the history of women's athletics.
'I think he'll agree to it.' 'That will be a first.'

from the (very) first

from the beginning of a situation:
I was against the idea from the first.
I should have known from the first that the relationship would never work.
4 [countable] the highest mark you can get in a university degree in Britain:
Helen got a first in Law.
5 [uncountable] the lowest gear in a car or other vehicle, that you use when moving slowly [= first gear]
in first
You should be in first on a hill like this.
He put the car into first and roared away.

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