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fish/rice/potato etc cake

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfish/rice/potato etc cakefish/rice/potato etc cakeDFFfish, rice etc that has been formed into a flat round shape and then cooked cake
Examples from the Corpus
fish/rice/potato etc cakeIn celebration of a new weight control year, the Quaker Oats Co. has developed yet another rice cake flavor.From top, Smoked salmon rolls with pesto rice, Christmas jewel basmati salad, Basmati rice cake.Deep fry fish cakes and warm for 5 mins before serving with tomato sauce and lightly-boiled leeks and celery.Lunch Rice cakes, low-fat cheese, tomatoes and onion, apple.She'd claim it was quite ordinary - fish cake s, only they went wrong - that sort of thing.My husband and the minister wives who come to the party do not care for the rice cake.I bet he had the fish cakes.Slide the potato cake from the pan on to a plate.
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